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Two Wise Guys

Two Wise Guys...have a joint interest in the purchasing, roasting, and blend development of custom and specialty coffee.  Our passion is rooted in the coffee industry.  After being educated and trained in the traditional coffee wholesale and retail environment, Two Wise Guys set out together to explore great coffee options for people who enjoy the beverage!  Two Guys, wise in the way of coffee, are involved in all aspects of the coffee business.  Sagacious in the way coffee is handled from the farm to our customers results in quality and great tasting coffee.  The proof is in the bag!
    Organic Chanchamayo Peru - Whole Bean
    This coffee is grown in the traditional coffee producing region of Peru.  Located on the slopes of the Cordilleras of Andes, harvested by hand and sun dried.  A spicy organic with a hint of nutmeg.
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    Price: $11.99