Cafe Sarks

At a time when Arabica whole bean coffee simply wasn't available to average consumers, the proprietor of a small Los Angeles grocery store took an idea from the past and made a pioneering leap that led to quality coffee as we know it today.  In the early 1970's, W.S. Sarkisian developed blends under the Sarks Gourmet Coffee brand, and began shipping the product directly from the roaster to grocery stores, without layovers in warehouses.  Fresh, delicious, and surprisingly affordable, Sarks revolutionized the coffee business.

Today a prime offering of Bay Area Coffee, Café Sarks uses only 100% Arabica coffee beans harvested in the world's finest growing regions.  Carefully roasted to bring forth a balance of body and flavor, Café Sarks includes a complete line of coffees, from 100% Organic to the Jamaican Me Crazy flavored blend.